Chris Phillips

Born in England an early ability to draw, honed attending the art stream at the local secondary modern, became firmly wedded to a passion for cars and motor racing during my formative years.

Working exclusively in water colours my work reflects the influence that the racing drivers and cars of the fifties and sixties have had on my life


The recipient of an Award of Merit at the Art Of The Automobile competition sanctioned by the Automotive Journalists Association of Canada (1996-97), my work has also been frequently

Published in the U.S. magazine “Vintage Racecar Journal”.  In addition, several of my racing studies of Mike Hawthorn were included in the book, “Golden Boy”, published in 2008.


A dedicated Jaguar enthusiast, I recently completed a series of paintings illustrating the 1950’s successes of the C-type and D-type models.


TEL:  905-648-0329

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