Joanne Saunders

I create oil on canvas paintings, focusing on engines, planes, trains, and mainly automobiles with some works of people and animals on request. 


I studied art and design with an additional fine art qualification at Rugby college, where I received a distinction and awards for outstanding artwork. I briefly studied illustration at Falmouth College of Arts. Then following a short career as a picture framer whilst having a family, I decided to pick up my paint brushes once again. 


The inspiration for technical subjects and love for detail comes from my father who was an engineer for formula one engines, who also loved aviation. The use of strong colours in my work has been influenced by my fiancé, who's love of bold colours merges with his enthusiasm for cars. Then of course there's my son whose interest in trains inspires me further. 


I have a commission business, where I capture on canvas people's automotive pride and joy, perhaps an exciting historical automotive event or other subject matter upon request. For my own creations I gather reference photos from motor events with my fiancé - John, who enjoys photography and has a fantastic eye for composing an image. Therefore, I often use his photographs as reference and his ideas are certainly a source of great inspiration. 

I've recently created three paintings of classic American muscle cars from the early 60s, all viewed from the rear and with the lights on. My first was a Ford Galaxie 500 XL race car, inspired by one of John's photos taken at The Goodwood Revival 2018. It was after creating this painting that both John and I thought it would be great to have a set of four. The Corvette Stingray 1963 split-window coupe seemed an obvious choice. They are rare, being produced for only one year, and visually the dramatic and seductive curves of the C2 model are so enticing. When you add the specific details of the 1963 design, the decision to capture one for the set was very easy. The next is a Ford Mustang 65 Fastback on a 36 X 28" canvas. Once again the energetic colours and alluring composition do not disappoint. I'm currently planning a final fourth painting to add to the set.


The progression and range of my work can be viewed on Instagram @artistjoannefay and Facebook. You can visit my website to purchase at . Or perhaps you would like to discuss having your own car in a commission, if so you can email me or call 07916768147.