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Initial Passion.

So, here we go, where do I start, colouring in as kid, designing cars as a teenager, drawing birds of prey after school, copying pictures of Marylin Monroe from album covers, as you can see, I have always had a desire to create images, with a pencil or pallet knife in the early days, and now with a brush.

Initially it was birds and animals that caught my attention, and I used to be massively inspired by David Shepherd and his elephants and such, but then as I grew older and developed a fascination for Formula 1 racing, which I have to this day, I was transfixed by Michael Turner, an exceptional artist.

Painting my Hero’s.

So, I started painting images of Ayrton Senna, and a few other F1 drivers that were my hero's, always in oils. Back then I was a young father, heavily laden with responsibility, and the need to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table, so art was just something I used to do when I had a little spare time, usually when the kids had gone to bed, and I never thought for a minute that I would be selling my art, and having it as my business.

Getting serious.

So, around 2015 I decided to have a go at seeing how far I could go with this, and I started to be more focussed than I had before, and I worked more consistently on what I wanted my art to represent. 

I look back on that time, or phase of my work now, and realise that I was still jumping from style to style, from graphite pencil drawings, to abstract and semi abstract, ink drawings to pop art, I was basically all over the place artistically , thinking I was doing my best, but not being focussed enough and not creating a specific body of work, or giving my art and creativity a focussed direction.

I sold pieces near and far, the USA, and Singapore, as well as local friends, but infrequently, and in a patchy and haphazard manner.


One day in August my life irreversibly changed forever, when I received a call from my daughter telling me that my 34-year-old son had died suddenly from a heart attack. To say that my world was pulled from under me in an instant is the understatement of my life.

My son had worked hard throughout his life, always focussed, and knowing where he was going and what he would be doing, always positive, never negative, always looking to the future for new possibilities, outwardly fit and healthy, who knew? 

He had passed away in Lithuania whilst visiting his new family with his wife of 11 months, and we were all broken, there were no words to describe this turn of events.

He had been working for himself for a few years as a recruitment consultant, in a niche market he had set up by himself, and he had named his company Sterling Lee Recruitment.

After his passing, I had to make all the arrangements and preparations for him, part of which involved being made a director of his company, so as I was able to close it down, and this is when I decided to continue his legacy.

The thought of what he had started and worked so hard for to be taken away with him cut me to my core, and there and then Sterling Lee Auto Art was born.

So, I decided to rebrand myself as Sterling Lee and take on this persona as an artist, so that we can now work together on taking Sterling Lee to the success he had work hard for.

So Who is Sterling Lee?

My real name is Vince Edmunds, and my sons name was Vincent Lee Edmunds, and as an F1 fan also, he had decided to name his company after the British F1 driver Stirling Moss, and his own middle name to make it more personal.

So, there you have it, Sterling Lee Auto Art lives on in his memory, and I am dedicated and determined to sell art the world over to honour my son's legacy, and continue a passion he started, that we now share, and spread the name Sterling Lee, all over the globe.

Everything at Sterling Lee Auto Art is done with professionalism and quality. From the initial selection of the images to work with, through to the packaging and shipping, all done with the care and attention he would have required, a full quality undertaking from start to finish.

Over the past two years I have exhibited at several prestigious shows, such as:

  • Goodwood Revival

  • Goodwood Members Meetings

  • Sussex Art Fair

  • NEC Classic Car Show

  • Surrey Art Fair

  • Game Fair

  • Bentley Concours

All my painted work is created in acrylics, and I mainly focus on classic cars, and classic racing cars.

In addition to the above I also create 24 carat gold leaf glass art, using the water gilding technique. These are currently focused on automotive emblems, but I have plans to widen their scope to racing driver helmets and celebrities’ portraits, which I am very excited about.

So that's an insight into why I do what I do, and the journey that I am on, one which I hope you will join me on, and continue the legacy that is Sterling Lee.

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