Jonathan Ashby

I have worked in print and design for 25+ years and have always enjoyed drawing, art was pretty much the only thing I was any good at in school and I kinda stuck with what I knew from then onwards.


After school and Technical College (where again, art was my saving grace) I attended Rupert Stanley College in Belfast studying Art and Design.


After graduating from there I spent some time unemployed (filling my spare time drawing comic strips for local fanzines) then going through a few mundane jobs before starting work with a publishing company producing advertising and magazine/newspaper layouts. A job at a sign making company followed this before getting back into advertising and magazine layout.


My artistic influences include comic strips & pop art and I have no shame in showing these influences in my art.


I am self taught in the software I use (photoshop & Illustrator mainly) and work almost exclusively digitally though I do plan on giving actual painting a go soon.


I like the crisp, clean lines Illustrator produces and the scaleability of the vector art means I can reproduce it at any size without losing any image quality at all.


I have been a fan of Formula one since watching the Sunday night race highlights on ITV in the 70s and my favourite driver at the time was Mario Andretti. The look of his jet black and gold Lotus JPS racing round the tracks was just stunning and I was hooked.


It was only a matter of time before my professional work and my leisure time crossed paths and I started producing vector art of F1 cars and drivers.


I do occasionally draw other subjects and these can be found in the miscellaneous section of my website.


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