Mark Hurst

A Packaging Designer for more than 30 years, Mark has always painted and illustrated but is now devoting more of his spare time to becoming a professional artist, focusing mainly on his love of motor sport and aviation. Through his experience of model making and mock ups he creates unique, 3D pictures by combining carving and painting.


The main subject is hand carved using chisels and power tools before being mounted onto a canvas and painted, resulting in a distinctive 3-dimensional piece of art. The carving enables the viewer to engage with the subject form with the added drama that the subject is leaping out of the picture, producing a striking yet carefully considered image.


While this process is very long due to the extensive research and attention to detail applied, Mark takes great enjoyment in the creation of each work and allowing for the final product to be a truly authentic and stand out piece.


Mark is also available for commissions.



Tel: 01623 436951

Mob: 0779 266 0981

Wheel to wheel Mansell v Senna.jpg
P51 Mustang.jpg
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