Simon Buchan

I was born in 1967 in Derby, the middle of England, home to Rolls Royce, rail engineering and close to the Donington Motor Circuit. My childhood and teenage years included being interested in all things powered by the combustion engine and would regularly attend motor racing at Donington with my Dad.  I would watch the cars race round and wonder how they held themselves together under such punishment and am still fascinated by what man has achieved in order to propel ourselves forward, and by the means to do it.


Although I was an enthusiastic engineer, the route I took at the age of 19 was an HND course in 3 Dimensional Studies at The Berkshire College of Art & Design.  Along with the 3 Dimensional Studies, I took up additional courses in photography and screen printing, I found old railway posters and advertising prints from the 1920’s to 1950’s of much interest and inspiration.  I appreciated the visual drama created, given the simple printing methods and limited number of colours available at the time.


Since then, technology has progressed hugely, and I now satisfy my creative passion in combining motor racing, engineering and photography with digital image software. 


I believe my approach to the finished work has an “old-school” set of values behind it, where I take time to choose my subjects, study the different angles and lighting conditions before taking digital stills.  I look for a single striking part of the vehicle in bold solid colours, or interesting stripes as a background foil and then aim to reduce the number of colour tones further within the software I then use.  There’s an engineering balance that I strive for, straight lines, shut lines and curves that complement each other, sometimes a hint or small mechanical part like a hinge, leather strap or air vent to give away what the vehicle is, and yet with such simplified information, there’s also so much to observe.


My work is constantly complimented by viewers who enjoy the vibrant cheerful colours and era of cars that most are able to relate to.


Limited original Giclee prints are available to buy, each onto high quality 300gms Somerset Photosatin paper.  All are individually numbered and signed.  Sizes vary (I let the composition dictate the parameters) from 28 – 32cm wide x 38 – 46cm high as a portrait size guide.  Smaller copies available as an open run on different substrates.

No. 42
No. 38
No. 72