Trevor Neal

Born in York in 1947 self taught and having just shipped my latest commissioned work to St Petersburg, Florida, my 611th painting, I  feel my best work is still to come.


From my teen years I have always been inspired by a wide variety of schools of painting.


Images from the Renaissance to Pop Art got under my skin as a youth and seeing Dali’s Premonition of Civil War was one of those WOW moments, the catalyst that started me on my journey as a painter.


The unusual has always appealed to me and I have to thank many Artists, Sculptors and Photographers for inspiring my work.


More recently I have started to work in 3 dimensions. Using scale models of cars used in preparatory photography and drawings for commissioned and personal projects and then turning them into unusual sculptures.


The work that gives me most pleasure is the rendering of exotic Italian super cars in unlikely situations usually in Italy.


With the support of like minded and brave clients I have been produced my finest and most challenging works.

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_DSC2082 (1).jpeg
No. 589.jpeg
No. 567.jpeg
No. 511.jpeg