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Car is the main object of my creativity, now I have the opportunity to draw and participate in exhibitions. I got my basic drawing skills while studying in Saint Petersburg state Academy of Arts and Industry named after Baron A. L. Stieglitz 2001-2007


Specialization in industrial design. After graduation, worked as an industrial designer for various companies. 

In 2018 I won the RED DOT Award. From 2009 to 2013, I worked for Rostselmash as a leading designer, combine harvesters. 


During this period, I developed a passion for drawing cars. My favourite technique is oil painting and acrylic. But I also draw digital illustrations, I draw illustrations for car events and for magazines. Styles and directions of paintings, which can be characterized is realism and pop art.


Thanks to the collaboration with the Historiccart gallery and Rupert White, I have the opportunity to participate in exhibitions in the UK, the most important for me: 

Art of Motoring 2017 Pall Mall Gallery, London, 

Martini in Motorsport 50 years 2018, Royal automobile club, London;

Retro Race 2018. Coventry; 

Also participated in Official Art Exhibition F1 «Greatest Race”, Sochi 2019; 

and others Publications for magazines and online resources:

Motorsport magazine, 2018 march UK; january 2018, UK.

Formtrends august 2019, UK;

My paintings are in private collections around the world. I sincerely hope that membership in the Guild of automotive artists UK will open up new perspectives for me.

Phone  8961 475 60 74

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