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Spring-Summer 2018

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Welcome to our Guild of Motoring Artists website and latest online Redline magazine that is an abbreviated version of our Members Redline, which we hope you also find of interest. Many thanks again to David Marsh, who maintains our website and John Napper who is our Redline editor, which I am sure you agree both are well presented.


You may also read in our latest Redline and article by one of our founding GMA members, along with myself, an article written by Richard Wheatland, supported with notes from Rod Diggens and a few from myself, on the early start up days of the GMA, which I hope you will find interesting and insightful too. The three of us were part of the original eight man committee that was instrumental in the formation of the guild all those years ago! Was it really 33 years ago? It certain brought back a lot of memories from me too.


As this is now the Spring-Summer Blog, I would like to bring you up to speed on what is happening right now within the GMA and report on future events.


In the latest on-line Redline there is also a sadly reported obituary for one of special members, Rob Robinson, who sadly passed away this last winter, for whom we will greatly miss. Some of Rob’s artwork is on show one last time, with the kind permission of his wife at the GMA show currently on at the Forum Gallery in Southend on Sea (see report below)

May 2018 – The Forum Gallery – GMA Art Exhibition – Southend-on-Sea - Essex

This is a great opportunity and we are in fact so lucky to be able to exhibit this year at the Southend Forum Gallery, which runs from the 3rd May to the 29th May. The Forum is just off Elmer Approach on Elmer Square (SS1 1NS) parallel to the Southend on Sea High Street. The Forum is shared by Southend Library, the University of Essex and South Essex College – so a real mix of visitors! There is also the library there and café, should you wish to browse, paintings, books and have a coffee or tea.


The exhibition is hung over the main long wall & an end wall, with 81 pictures in total by 20 artists (mostly from the 4 corners of the UK, including several local to the Southend & Rayleigh & Basildon area, plus several artists from Australia, Brazil and the USA). The artworks in display include a comprehensive mix of mediums (pencil, pen, water colour, gouache, acrylics, oils, multi-media and digital), originals and a few limited edition prints. Styles are as varied as the subjects, from wild and loose to tight and illustrative, representative and abstract. Prices vary too but we are of course always happy to negotiate an offer! So if you do get a chance to be in Southend, perhaps on a sunny trip to the seaside or live close by, please give us look and let us know what you think.


The artists in order of hanging position, left to right as you enter from the reception are:


Brian James, David Ginn,  John Napper,  Tim Skeet,  Stuart Spencer,  Barry Hunter,  Sue Cartwright,  David Purvis,  Rob Robinson,  Steve Francis, Anthony Knight,  Mike Gillett,  Brian Casey,  Gary Speak, Sean Wales,  Ken Stanton,  Stuart Booth,  Phil Lightman,  Richard Lewis.

Summer 2018 – Ford Dunton GMA art exhibition – date TBC

The GMA is lucky enough to have a long standing invite to the Ford Dunton, ‘Vehicle Enthusiasts Day’ (VED) event. This is held at the Ford of Europe’s UK Technical Centre at Dunton, near Basildon in Essex. As always, we will have the front lobby, which is a prime area and although not open to the public, gets immense exposure from the 5000+ employees, contractors and suppliers based there. The exhibition is held over nearly two weeks and is always timed to coincide with the Ford Dunton Vehicle Enthusiasts Day, which is effectively a vintage, heritage and classic automotive day, with a concours and events held during the day. Last year the Ford GT Le Mans car was there and one or two of the drivers. This exhibition will be open to members of the GMA to submit shortly after our AGM which we plan to hold at the Gaydon Motor Museum (next door to Jaguar Land Rover Technical Centre (which in turn is next to Aston Martin’s sports car centre for design engineering and production.


Summer 2018 –JLR GMA art exhibition – possible

The GMA have exhibited at JLR (Jaguar Land Rover) Technical Centre at Gaydon before and although we did not hold one last year, we can exhibit this year, should we wish and there is support from the GMA members to do so. Like Ford Dunton, this is not open to the public but a similar 5000+ people work and visit the technical centre at Gaydon every day and the exhibitions we have held there, like Ford are always very well received. So watch this space!


Exhibitions in the UK or overseas for the GMA in the future

The GMA is already growing into a global membership and being spread across the UK, it is becoming more opportune to exhibit further afield as well as expand the GMA online, which is what we will discuss at our next AGM this summer. If any of our readers have some thoughts regards the GMA and our exposure via galleries exhibitions or inline that would be much appreciated too. Just let the committee know, via myself, David Marsh, Sean Wales or John Napper via our contact details on the website.

Kind regards

David Ginn

GMA Chairman