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The early part of Tony’s life was spent living in a Mews house over a garage in the seaside town of Hove, Sussex; where his father had a small business restoring vintage cars. He then lived a nomadic childhood living in Barbados and Singapore until returning to the UK. Eventually he was packed-off to Boarding School in the Midlands (near Coventry) and then gained a place at Art College in Brighton, after which he spent a decade in Architecture and Design, based in London and overseeing a number of International projects in USA and Europe.


It was in 1990 that Tony changed career and became a full-time Artist and Illustrator. Initially, most of his work came from the Architectural, Design, Exhibition and Engineering sectors but this soon developed to encompass a wider range of commissioned subjects which now include Maritime, Equestrian, Dance, portraiture, Aviation and, of course Motoring.  


Tony has accompanied the British Army to a number of locations over the past two decades… occasionally experiencing life in the Front Line, but more commonly to portray ‘Peacekeeping Tasks’.  Military Commissions have also included Ceremonial paintings, which are usually large-scale works and can often include a cast of hundreds!


A painter in various media including Oils, watercolour, Gouache and Acrylics with most of his output completed to commission for publishers, advertisers, corporate and private clients. He has collected over 20 Painting Awards.


Tel: 01892 784309

Mob: 07549 348088

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