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Alex Stutchbury is an English artist currently living between London and Dubai. He has sold original paintings and limited edition prints of his works around the world, including Europe, North America, the Middle East and Australia.

The majority of Stutchbury’s work focuses on his passion - Formula 1. He has created a range of collections focusing on the cars and drivers of this hugely popular sport, including the 'F1 Champions Collection', the 'Ferrari Collection' and the 'Michael Schumacher Collection'.

Stutchbury has always been drawn to the aesthetic qualities of racing cars. The beautifully sculpted carbon-fibre bodywork makes every car a piece of art in their own right. He initially creates little drawings of the detailed shapes of the intricate car designs (these are regularly posted on his Instagram account and are regularly very popular) before creating his final acrylic paintings. He loves the way the reflections fall upon the curved metal, creating abstract patterns which can partially disguise these otherwise recognisable machines. Stutchbury’s close-up paintings try to draw the viewer’s attention to the unique contours and lighting patterns that both defines the bodywork and makes each of car unique.

Since 2019, Stutchbury has experimented with showing the motion of motorsport; his paintings often show the sparks and motion-blur cars generate. He love the colours you see at the circuits and in the last few years Stutchbury has produced many pieces which showcase cars on the colourful run-off areas and curbs on famous F1 circuits.

Stutchbury’s other work is predominantly based on his three other main interests: film, sport and music. He produces both colour and black & white portraits of iconic actors, musicians and sporting stars from past and current times. Other interests and commission work includes politicians, animal charities and portrayals of modern life.

He produces both private and commercial commissions, including a variety of work for The Guardian Newspaper. Alex Stutchbury has also created a popular series of 'ARTClass - How to create Art' videos which can be viewed on his YouTube channel.

His education involved studying Art and Illustration at Brighton University and at the University of the Creative Arts. In 2008, he won the D&AD Awards 'Best New Blood' for his Final Major Project book 'Nightlife' and was also awarded 'Curator's Choice for Illustration' by NOISE Festival.

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