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My Motoring Artwork C.V. began when I was l5 and started to draw cars and engines.

As I come from and married into, a family much devoted to motorbikes and cars this made it easy for me to work on and improve my skills. I taught art for many years but it wasn't until I came to France some years' ago, that I really started to explore the area of racing and rally cars. My work includes drawings, watercolours, oils and acrylic painting of, in the main, rally cars, of which I have some experience of driving, and classic cars, with a couple of motorbikes thrown in, for good measure. Much of my work is commissioned. Where possible, I like to include a portrait of the driver involved with a particular vehicle and currently have several such motoring artworks in the pipeline.

Personally I like to work on large formats - 50cm x 70cm - but am happy to create far smaller illustrations, for cards, etc.

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