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I have had a love affair with all things automotive since my uncle let me ‘drive’ his Morris Marina when I was six years old. The same uncle also gave me my love of 70s Vauxhalls as he had several company cars by that manufacturer. Strangely enough, neither of my parents can drive, so I can only attribute my auto obsession to Uncle Don.


I have always combined my love of art with my passion for cars, drawing classics from an early age. I trained as a graphic designer, then technical illustrator, in the late 80s and early 90s, and worked as a graphic designer, Creative Head and production manager at two large agencies for the next two decades. Long hours meant that there wasn’t time for art for many years, but a change of pace in my current job gave me more free time and the opportunity to paint. I bought a set of pound-shop oils and a canvas in 2009 and haven’t looked back since.


I now paint a variety of subjects in a photorealist style, mainly in oils, but cars are my central theme. While photorealism is certainly a divisive subject amongst artists, it has always appealed to me, and I aspire to be able to create work that achieves the realism of artists such as Chuck Close and John Salt.


I am available for commissions and prints of my automotive paintings are available to order.


I have owned a variety of classic cars including many absurdly impractical American classics and muscle cars, and have just parted with my 5 litre Mustang convertible. I plan on buying a Fifties land yacht in the not too distant future…

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