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I have been interested in both art and cars from an early age so I suppose it was logical that I eventually took to painting motoring subjects.


I muddled my way through school before studying Graphic Design at West Surrey College of Art & Design at the beginning of the 1970s. This led to a career in the print trade producing artwork for all manner of things, many of them rather mundane.


After leaving art school, it was many years before I started painting again. What really got me motivated was seeing prints of paintings In Autosport magazine’s Armchair Enthusiast feature back in the 1980s. Many were of a very high standard, often from big names like Michael Turner or Arthur Benjamins, while a few failed to impress me and I said “I can do better than that”. So I gave it a go, initially producing a series of prints of Minis from pen and ink drawings using separated artwork so I suppose they are technically illustrations and certainly relate more to my Graphic Design background, but they sold. Paintings followed and I eventually applied to join the GMA.


I have been a member for some years now and am still exercising my Graphic Design skills in retirement, as Art Editor of the GMA newsletter, Redline, for the last 5 years. More recently I took on the editor’s job as well. I now live in Rio de Janeiro, but this doesn’t stop me putting some of my work into GMA exhibitions.


Tel: 055 21 2146 2824

Mob: 055 21 97588 2824

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