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A matchbox model of a Porsche 930 Turbo. That’s what ignited my passion for cars. The Bond cars, KITT in Knight Rider, the white Testarossa in Miami Vice – they kept it bubbling along.  And then the obsession with classics was kicked off with a rusty Lancia Fulvia bought off ebay...but the least said about that the better! A succession of classics have followed, and a deepening love of their history and design led me to pursue a career as a full time automotive artist.

After a 25 year professional career, I decided to pursue my passions for art and all things automotive by taking up the brushes and painting cars full time, following in the footsteps of my grandfather, a successful professional portrait painter.


Focussing on Porsche, but with a love of many classics, including Alfa Romeo and Lancia, I work on a large scale (1m x 1m and larger) in acrylic on canvas. I look for interesting angles and moments, to emphasise particular design features and create art that is visually impactful and true to the subject.  


I also have a passion for depicting historic motor racing and have attended Goodwood events for many years.

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