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I am an established Kent-based motoring artist specialising in portraits of classic cars, with an emphasis on accuracy and detail. I value the active involvement that my motoring art offers into the increasingly popular classic car movement.


I have been drawing and painting since early on in my childhood, when my upbringing at a busy petrol station en route to Dover ‘fuelled’ my interest in cars, buses and lorries, which were frequent themes for my early art.


In recent years, I have again chosen to focus on portraying cars from the same era that originally inspired me. I have a particular fondness for the curves and chrome of the sports and classic cars of the 50s through to the 70s. 


My current output is almost exclusively commissions following conversations with car owners at the many events I attend in Kent and the South-East.   


Quite a few images have been requested as surprise gifts, the surprise often enhanced by the image being supplied as a greetings card given beforehand. 


All images are hand-drawn and painted, using gouache-based mixed media to create images with a traditional feel. Family commitments and my daytime role in a highways office inevitably limit the amount of time available for art.

Tel: 01303 277328

Mob: 07989 577464

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