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I began drawing at the age of eight in the late 50s. I was living in Argentina where Fangio was a national hero and Mercedes Benz ruled the world’s racing circuits. 


The Ford GTs, Cobras, Ferrari GTOs and Lamborghinis enthralled me as a teenager and inspired me to refine my own abilities in creating my own designs, mostly of mid engine sports cars.


I finished my degree in English Literature in 1982 at the University of Virginia, Wise, the year I was married. Throughout the decade and the next, I worked in automotive related fields where I gained a full understanding of what makes an automobile function, both inside and out. This was akin to one studying the skeletal structure of the human body to become an artist in the classical sense and indispensable for drawing cars.


 In the late 90s I graduated with a degree in applied science, graphic design. In 1999 I set up my business and began accepting commissions to do automotive art. I contracted with Carroll Shelby Licensing and the Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg Co. and have completed paintings and digital art of examples of these marques for customers. 


My emphasis has been to create unique backgrounds, at times scenic, historic, occasionally humorous in order to set up a visual narrative. 


My work has been featured in both automotive and art magazines and included in museum collections. 


For a few years I was employed as the designer for ERRA Inc. a startup electric vehicle company where I designed the exteriors of their prototype vehicles.


For details on how to commission art visit or call 310-822-8105

in the US.

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