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Sean studied A-level Art and Design at Wigan college, alongside Chemistry, Biology, IT and Environmental Science but dropped the sciences in favour of a Fine art diploma at the end of the 2 years. On completion of the diploma he travelled to Oberhausen in Germany to work on a number of murals in a new shopping complex. The work took over nine months and on his return to the UK Sean started applying to universities. He took a position at Nene College in Northampton studying Visual Arts in 1997. Based in Northampton he started to work in a number of event venues including Newmarket race course, Chelsea Football Club, Rockingham Motor Speedway and Silverstone Circuit. After three and five year stretches at Chelsea and then Rockingham Sean settled at Silverstone Circuit as Deputy General Manager of Silverstone Hospitality.


From his position at Silverstone Sean started to paint portraits of winning Formula 1 drivers. The large pieces painted in acrylic proved popular amongst the fans and have become a firm staple of his portfolio. He has continued a motorsport theme since leaving Silverstone in 2014 and has also kept a small studio at the circuit where he paints and displays his work. Now moving into different media such as felt tips and inks Sean has become more prolific than ever and is hoping to make more of a career out of his artwork in the near future.


Mob: 07955 050441

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