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It’s Christmas!

I have just recently finished my latest painting (old and new Ford Transits) which can be seen as a step by step article in our December Redline, which I hope you enjoy, with many thanks as ever to John Napper, our editor based over the broad southern pond in Rio!

This blog is drawn from the updates from my Chairman’s letter too also in the new Redline, so feel free to read the full letter in the Redline if you get a chance.

The theme for the Chairman’s letter and this blog is a summary of 2015 and a few pointers for 2016 to look out for within the GMA. As you are now aware simply by reading this that will have now logged onto our new look GMA website, again with many thanks to David Marsh who has patiently pulled together the artworks, biogs from many of our artists in the gallery pages and fitted together the new look site which we hope you enjoy. It’s a new launch and will of course evolve over time.

It is heartening the guild is still growing with over 60 members, across the UK and increasingly worldwide, so I thank all our members, Full and Friends, old and new, active participants and keen observers alike, as without you all there would be no guild.

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