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Stuart is a retired Chartered Engineer who translates his lifelong passion for cars and motor racing into vibrant artwork.  His work has been displayed at a variety of galleries across the UK and at major motorsport venues such as Silverstone, Goodwood and Donington, and his paintings have sold worldwide.  He paints exclusively in oils, which he favours for the medium’s flexibility and both the intensity and subtly of colour.  His motor racing paintings portray the drama and brutal power of the sport, aiming to capture an impression of speed whilst retaining accuracy of outline and detail; favourite subjects are the classic eras of grand prix and sports car racing from the inter-war years up to the 60’s and 70’s, but contemporary motorsport images and classic road cars also feature in his portfolio.


Paintings for sale are shown on his website and enquiries about commissions for any automotive subject are always welcomed.  A number of motor racing, motorcycle racing and classic car images are now available as prints, via links on the website.

Tel: 01275-847118

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