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Liverpool born Sue Cartwright studied art at Northwich College in the 1980’s and later at Jacob Kramer Textile Design College, Leeds. The decline in the textile industry, work circumstances and the economic climate led to Sue retraining and spending several years working in a drawing office.


After leaving the drawing office to look after the children several years were spent working from home. It was during this period that the opportunity arose to focus and to pursue once again her passion for painting. The many years of experience and training have led to a professional and key work ethic.


Sue’s main focus is on colour, shape, design, drawing and alongside her draughting skills, to also use different mediums including watercolour, pastel, acrylics and pencil to produce a wide variety of work. The fascination for motorbikes and visiting the Isle of Man have played a major part in inspiring and creating paintings which capture speed, light and colour, all very much part of the atmosphere of the races. Over the years private collectors and riders have commissioned work from various locations along the TT course.


Her passion for painting and drawing extends into teaching where Sue invites and encourages others onto the world of art. A number of years have been spent working with adult leaners, including those with disabilities and on a program prescription for health. As well as holding regular art classes, workshops are held in and around her home town of Warrington. Over many years she has been invited to talk and demonstrate painting to art groups around Cheshire.


Tel: 01925 727347


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